Do not be the Coworker Everyone Hates

mad officeAre you on good terms with your colleagues? Do they like you or is it otherwise? Naturally, they are not going to say to your face that they detest you, but what if they do. How do you figure this out? We can help you with this.

Annoying coworkers are a part of every office. All of us accept this fact, but what you may not accept as easily is the fact that it may be you, for all you know. While you may have never wondered how your actions can affect other people at work, there was actually a survey about this very topic. Responses were taken from approximately 100 employees, and here are the habits they stated as the most annoying.

Keep your voice down

How do you speak? Is it always in a loud voice? Your co-workers are not going to love you for this.  Though you may not have realized this, if you speak loudly all the time, you may actually be considered as the noisiest person in your office.

From the responses gathered, it was observed that a loud voice is not liked by most people in a work atmosphere. What is hated more is when this loud voice is talking to someone on the phone. Do you take calls at your desk? If this is not part of your job, avoid it and even if you have to, make sure that no one can hear you. After all, your office ‘neighbors’ are not interested in your phone calls and do  get disturbed.

Avoid eating smelly food

Where do you have your lunch? If you answered in the cafeteria then you can skip this part. However, if you have it at your desk, it should not be anything that smells too strong like tuna fish or spicy foods. You may be surprised to hear this, but this smell can actually stay for days and will irritate everyone around you.

Talk elsewhere

Do you love chatting with coworkers at your desk? We know people who do this for hours. If you are good friends with your colleagues, they may not mind it. As for the rest, you are just annoying them with your endless chatting.

So if any of the above sounds like one of your habits, you know what to do, right? Get rid of them because it will drastically affect your job growth. Maybe today it is just your coworkers who do not like you, but what if tomorrow it is your boss as well?


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