Employees Face Low Engagement Levels at Work

unmotivated employeeA recent survey that was conducted reveals very disappointing figures. Only 30% people are engaged with their jobs, 50% are non-engaged and the remaining 20% believe themselves to be disengaged. With these stats, it is easy to figure out that the majority of employees do not like their work, and are not interested in their jobs.

So why is the situation this way? The survey highlights the main contributing causes. Which of these is true for you?

You have been doing the same thing for too long

If you have been doing the same thing for quite a long time now, your job can become boring and you might have lost interest. We cannot really blame you for not switching; we understand that finding a job is not that easy. You know what? You are not alone in this; many people like you are not switching because of this reason.

You do not have many choices

In today’s fast paced job world, there are not many choices. Maybe you are one of those people that cannot voice their opinions, and silently do whatever they are told to, even if they do not like it.

You are working too much

Working too much can give you a higher income, but does it give satisfaction and happiness? No, you are just tiring yourself out by doing more. You are right; your income may not be enough for you, which is why you are putting in extra hours at work or trying to squeeze temporary jobs in spare time.  This approach may give you more money, but is that really worthy when you are totally exhausted?

You are not balancing your personal and professional life

Work is not the only thing you are supposed to do. Your job may be really pressing and demanding, and even when you are at home, you may be expected to accomplish your tasks via smartphones, tablets and laptops. You cannot avoid this completely, but avoid crossing lines. Remember you have a family and you have friends, and they need you just as much. Take some time off, and give it to them. You will like it, and it would make you feel a lot better.

You do not have good relationships with your coworkers and boss

If you do not have good relationships art work, you are probably not going to enjoy your time there.

Source: www.bizjournals.com

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