Engaging the Disengaged

Not all of us are lucky enough to be in a job that is both secure as well as enriching. Many of us are not fortunate enough to locate that perfect, dream job. It has been observed that a large number of people not only change their jobs but sometimes change their career several times during their lifetime. Career change is not always negative. It can be an amazing opportunity to explore new avenues and take risks. After all, risk takers are some of the biggest money makers.

Many in the business world believe that the reason employees leave a job is because of money or the lack of it. That is most likely a myth. Many things contribute to employee dissatisfaction. Limited career opportunities, lack of respect, job is not challenging, lack of leadership, inconvenient work hours, favoritism and perhaps, lack of recognition. Recent studies indicate that disengaged employees are more like to leave a job than engaged employees. Pay actually does NOT rank in the top reasons why employees leave a job.

Often, employees are not leaving the organization as much as they are leaving their manager. An employee’s immediate supervisor has the largest impact on, not only their performance, but also their job satisfaction. Managers need to be well-equipped with the skills to give both positive and negative feedback to employees. They also need to serve as a coach and motivator to the entire staff.

It goes without saying that competition is good. Pitting people and departments against each other does not encourage people to stay. Some people thrive in this type of environment, many do not.

Employees want to know what their future is within a company.  A good company provides recognition if an employee is doing a good job. Employees want to know how they can contribute to the success of the business. Everyone wants to feel appreciated. Does the company have the organization it takes to KEEP good employees? Is there recognition for top performers? Has a culture been fostered that enables an employee to thrive?

Employees look for a clear vision of what a company stands for.  Everyone has a need to feel confident about their future. They also want an employer that empathizes with their motivations and strengths and still feel empowered to do meaningful work and most of all, they want to be encouraged.

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