First Impressions – 100 Milliseconds to Make an Impact

stopwatchWe’ve all come to understand that it takes six seconds to make an impact in the job market but new research now claims otherwise. The fact is the first 100 milliseconds are the ones that count the most. It seem like we have less time than before to make an impression. So with such little time, how can you impress your interviewer and make sure you nail it down just right?

Your qualifications and skills are important, but there are other things that matter just as much. Avoid focusing on them, and you may blow your whole interview.

Interviewers now use what is known as physiognomy to judge you when you walk into the room. Physiognomy is the art of determining your personality by evaluating your appearance. According to an industry expert, appearance is the first test that you have to clear whenever you meet someone new. And this is not just for interviews it can apply to client meetings, speaking gigs and even your first date.

What if they do not like the color of your hair or the lines on your face?  Worrying now? Appearance is not about your body, your hair or the brand you are wearing; it is about grooming, polishing and the manner in which you carry yourself. How do you use all of this and create that amazing impression? Here is what the experts have to suggest.

Polished and Groomed Appearance

Be really careful about how you look. A stained dress shirt, unkempt hair or bitten nails reflect badly upon you. Look like this at your interview, and you are definitely not getting that job. Take care of these little details because they matter a lot. You may think no one is going to notice this, but you are dead wrong.

Professional Clothes

Dressing is important for any interview. Jeans, t-shits, too much makeup, too short skirts, heavy jewelry are not creating any good impressions, but instead are shedding a negative light on you. Keep your attire simple and professional.

And be conscious about the colors you wear because they also represent your personality. Black donates leadership and blue is for trust and loyalty.

Proper Posture

As we just state; employers start noticing you the minute you step in the door, even while you are waiting to be seen. Avoid slouching; sit straight and stand tall.


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