Good Bosses

What exactly constitutes a “good boss”?  What is the value of having one?  If the boss is the CEO, that question should be carefully scrutinized.  Some bosses are supervisors that oversee teams.  They vary in quality as reported by many types of employees. A good manager can make or break a company.  Good managers do more than motivate; good managers teach employees better work methods. Productivity always improves under good management.

Many companies assign the best workers to the best supervisors.  This maximizes the value of a good boss. Good workers increase their output so much better when working for effective supervisors. Good bosses recognize that those under them deserve credit when a job is done well.  Just because a supervisor is in charge, it does not mean that they deserve all of the credit. After all, the staff is most likely responsible for the bulk of the work. Good bosses delegate responsibility and then trust their people.  Micro-managers rarely are appreciated. If an employee is trained well, they will complete the task effectively. Constantly correcting your staff undercuts confidence and does not allow an employee the opportunity to demonstrate their style.

Good bosses take the time to really understand and know their employees.  They recognize them as individuals. They understand their motivations and what drives them. A good boss figures out what employees have to do and also recognizes which employees do all they can at their jobs. Good employees empower their staff to make decisions. Berating and chiding employees is counterproductive.  A good boss listens to reasons why specific actions are taken by an employee, even if it is the wrong decision.

Good bosses encourage their staff to resolve their differences without intervention from managers or supervisors.  Good bosses listen carefully to all sides and look for peaceful and effective resolutions. Good bosses deal with problems quickly and directly. They try to elicit agreements when things happen that are not acceptable.

Good bosses show their appreciation and compliment them on a regular basis. A good boss makes an employee feel valued. Complimenting employees in front of the consumer makes them feel confident in the service or product they are paying for. Good bosses should be good listeners.  Employees deserve to be heard when they have concerns.

The goal of a good boss should be to promote productive behavior and retain the best employees along with their respect.

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