Good News for Job Seekers

money raise upGood news for all the job seekers and employees out there. Expected salaries are going to rise this year according to a recent survey conducted by a reputed company. The survey also highlights the fastest growing industries that pay higher than the market averages. Want to know all of these details? Read on.

If you are at entry level, you can expect your salary to rise by 3.7%. Overall, hiring has improved; there is no doubt about this but what about your specific areas in which you have honed so many skills all these years? Let’s discuss this in detail.


Do you belong to the information technology sector? Lucky you, because you are going to experience the biggest gains of the year. Sounds exciting? Indeed, it is. The average rise in salaries is just 3.7%, but you can expect an increase of nearly 5.6%. And if you are skilled in developing mobile apps, you can enjoy an extra edge in the market because you are in such high demand. Compared to last year, your salary can rise by 7.8% and be in the range between $100,000 to $140,000 annually. And what if you are a software developer or a business intelligence analyst? The situation is good for you as well.

Accounting and Finance

Accounting and finance professionals can expect a rise of 3.4%, but if you are a financial analyst, you can enjoy even higher gains. So many employers are going to look to you and seek guidance about their operations. As for internal auditors, you are needed for compliance tasks.


Got a creative mind and have a career in marketing? Your salary will probably increase by 3.3%. Companies are not only looking for marketing executives, they also want creative designers and professionals who can help their content to appear appealing to all those who view it from their mobile devices.


Administrative professionals can expect a salary rise of nearly 3.3%. If you are an executive assistant or a customer manger, you may just get something higher than this rate. But this will only be so when you have technical knowledge and know a lot about social media. Other things that employers may want from you are communication and flexibility.

So start applying or wait for your managers to break the good news to you. We are sure your growth is going to be stunning this year.


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