Here’s What’s More Important Than Intelligence In a Job Interview

People can easily prep for a job interview; they can read books, they can read articles and theyThinkstockPhotos-469961768 can ask others what to say during an interview or how to act during one. But presenting your true character and experience is something that cannot be scripted. Companies today are looking diving deeper to see who truly is worth coming in for an interview. Here are three important resume tips shared by Angela Dorn that can get you in for an interview:

  1. Commitment to your work – highlight your genuine interest in a company’s mission through previous experiences
  2. Show your grit – on your resume, mention if you are a former peace core volunteer, a student who worked during school, or someone who had the guts to successfully change careers
  3. Intelligence and common sense – be descriptive of your academic experience and in their achievements and remember that common sense is evident in a resume by how a candidate presents themselves on paper