How Good is Your EQ?

iq and eqYou must have heard about an IQ score or intelligence quotient. Ever heard about EQ? That is an Emotional Quotient score.  How good do you think your score might be? Here’s a tip: the higher it is, the more in-demand you are going to be in the job market.

Emotional quotient tests your abilities to recognize emotions in people. You can do this by studying their facial expressions and body language.  Employers want your EQ score so that they can figure out how good a judge you are of character. Some employers also use this score to figure out your strengths and weaknesses, predict your behavior and decide if you are going to be a good fit in their organization.

A recently published article in an online journal of a reputed business school states that there are around 20% companies who test  their candidates emotional intelligence for both hiring and promotion purposes. Around 75% of human resource personnel also agree that tests of these sorts are useful in predicting behavior and determining a cultural fit.

Other studies have also been made on EQ scores. Some of these state that an EQ score is more important than your IQ score. Your IQ is a measurement of your intellectual ability and will help you get ahead as an individual. Your EQ is a measure of your emotional intelligence and will help you in getting well along with others, which is really important in the job market.

These studies claim that people who have a high EQ score are better at making decisions, developing stronger and more positive relationships with their bosses and colleagues, and are among the top performers. Their ability to keep their emotions under control helps them concentrate on the job and come out on top.

So how can you figure out the right and wrong answer on an EQ quiz? The correct answers to these quizzes are decided by a group of experts and also depend on the position for which you have applied. For instance, being optimistic is a good thing, but a successful CFO will always be a little pessimistic. So if you have applied for this position, your optimism may actually count against you rather than favor you.

What jobs require you to take EQ tests?  The high level jobs definitely, but some employers also use the tests for positions that involve public dealing such as call centers, retailers and the like.


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