How Successful Recruiters Attract Serious Job Seekers

mganet jobThe major task of job recruiters is to build a good image of the company in order to attract the brightest potential professionals in their talent network. To ensure that only serious job seekers are attracted to them, successful recruiters design and implement certain guidelines so that they don’t have to deal with unqualified applicants.

Here are a few strategies employed by successful recruiters to attract only serious and qualified job seekers:

  1. All resumes are to be confirmed and updated periodically in a specified time. If the applicants don’t comply, their resumes will be removed automatically.
  2. They create a database of the best candidates for different positions from the resumes they get, even when there are no openings for those positions. This way, once a job opens, they can contact the suitable candidate immediately.
  3. They maintain an excellent relationship with their talent network and with those individuals they might consider for immediate hire. Sharing inspiring stories, articles, educational opportunities and scholarships with their talent network promotes their company further.
  4. Personalized job positions are sent to the applicable individuals in their network to ensure that their post attracts relevant candidates only.
  5. They utilize the social media networks to the fullest. Text messaging, emails, message boards, Facebook, Twitter and more are used to promote the job postings to reach a wider audience.
  6. An internal talent network is developed so that the recruiters are able to build quality relations and offer proper support to build an excellent image with their employees as well.
  7. Successful recruiters also make their presence felt in different universities. They ensure that their company attracts the best and brightest graduates, and the best way to do that is to connect with them. They offer internship opportunities for their potential workforce so that they can assess them and the students also get a grasp of professional environment. This gives them a competitive edge.
  8. Having a strong talent network ensures that the recruiters have all the former applicants in their database so that they can contact them if a job opens up matching their credentials. This gives them organized and easy access to qualified candidates whenever they are in need.

Successful recruiters know the importance of managing their workforce as well as their potential workforce through proper planning and strategies. This way, not only the company benefits but so do the bright and talented candidates seeking jobs.


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