How to Blow Your Chances for Employment

business 61Job Interviews are a way to determine the suitability of a person for a particular position in a company.  In interviews, the first impressions always matter.  You may have the ideal qualifications for the position, but if you don’t carry yourself right in an interview – the qualifications alone will be of no use.

Here are a few common mistakes which people make in interviews and leave a negative impression on the interviewers, sometimes blowing away the chance for employment.

Dressing Inappropriately

The importance of dressing correctly cannot be emphasized enough.  As you walk in for the interview, what do you think makes a great first impression, your resume? No!

It’s the way you’re dressed.  There is no standard attire for all positions, but you should play it safe and dress formally.

Arriving Late

Whatever the reason for your late arrival – the damage would have been done by then.  Employers do not consider those candidates who show up late for an interview.  Why would they? It indicates a person’s inability to manage time effectively.

Being Unprepared

It is essential to know about the company and the position you are being interviewed for.  You should do your homework and read up on what is expected of you while working at that position.

Not Being Able to Express Yourself

You should know what you’re capable of, what kind of skills you have and what are your strong points.  A lot of people lack the ability to express themselves effectively.  Remember that the interviewer doesn’t know you, but he wants to know you – and you’re the only person who can do that.

Lacking Self-Confidence

Interviewers can easily determine if you lack self confidence or not.  Being fidgety, too nervous and avoiding eye contact are a few things among many to avoid.

Asking about Compensation

It is usually a bad idea to ask about compensation early in an interview, wait until you’re given a chance to put your queries forward.

Lacking Enthusiasm

It is important to be enthusiastic about the job while taking care not to be too over the top.  Show a fair amount of interest in the position offered.  No one would be interested in hiring a person who is impassionate about their career.

Being Negative about Previous Employer

Avoid commenting negatively on your previous employer, even if you have had a bad time there.  While it is good to be truthful and state the reason of leaving the previous job, it’s safe to avoid harsh criticism.


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