How to Find the Next Generation of Great Leaders

Where are the top managers and next generation of leaders hiding? They may be right in front shutterstock_188490728 1000x667of you. This is a short but solid post about the attributes recruiters and hiring managers typically look for, and then regret.

“Too often, hiring happens based on traditional credentials, such as the right university or aseries of promotions,” explains Hiroshi Mikitani, CEO of Rakuten, Inc. “These are all good things, but they do not signal the special spark that indicates a new and bold leader on the rise.”

So if you’re looking for the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates to grace your organization, Mikitani suggests you seek out people who use bold tactics. “The next generation of great leaders will not emerge from the traditional ranks, but they will be the individuals who use bold tactics–managers who have a track record of creativity and revival,” says Mikitani.

How do you seek out the best talent?