How to Nail Your Video Interview

web camWebcam interviews have become common in today’s workplace and are being utilized by many employers because they help save both money and time. And they are as nearly as effective as in-person interviews and provide employers with almost the same amount of information that is needed to make a decision.

As for the interviewees, some of them love webcam interviews and others find them scary because they fear they will not be able to nail it down. Should you be among these, how do you ensure success? We talked to some hiring managers, who frequently use webcam interviews and here is what they advised.

Maintain a professional environment

Though you may be giving the interview in your own home, you just cannot comprise on professionalism. A talent acquisition manger said that if the area behind the interviewee appears too messy, it puts them in a bad light, indicating their lack of formality and organization. You do not want to set this impression.

When you give your webcam interview, do it in a quiet area away from the TV, pets and other distractions. Also make sure that you do not have your cell phone on you, and even if you do, set it to silent.  Wherever you sit, enough light should fall on your face and the interviewers should not see a dark picture of you.

Wear appropriate attire

So what if you are giving the interview in your home? It does not mean that you can don anything you like. Pajamas, t-shirts and anything causal will not do. You attire must be absolutely professional. A recruiting manager told us that when people do not dress properly for an interview, it just gives the impression that they are not serious and do not care enough.

As long as your dress is professional, it can be anything, but try to go for lighter colors because the webcam will pick you up better. And if you are a woman, do not hesitate to put on some makeup because it can accent your features; just do not overdo it.

Use a good internet connection

There are ways which you can ensure your internet signals are better, at least to some extent. While your interview is in progress, make sure all other programs are closed and no one is watching videos or playing games over the internet. If speeds are still slow, find a better internet connection beforehand.


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