How to Read Minds and Stay a Step Ahead of Others

magicDo you want to experience a major jump in your career? Want to know how you can achieve this? Be a mind reader and try to get an idea of what your boss is thinking. Sound complicated? Let us simplify this for you.

We caught up with the head of the marketing department of a reputed brand and asked him about his perspective. He shared his experience with us and told us that those employees who are aware of what is going on in the minds of their bosses and have knowledge about what their managers are working on, enjoy more success than others. There is just one teeny tiny problem in the whole picture. How do you gain access to all of this?

Learn to read text upside down

Ever glanced at your boss’s desk? Try it and you may get a clue about what he is working on. If you are lucky, you may even come across the next big project which your company has undertaken.

Yes, we know reading upside down is difficult, but we’ve all had some practice at one time or another.  So while your boss is engrossed in something else and you are waiting to get his attention, quickly scan his desk. Who knows you might actually be able to help him with it and earn an extra praise or two.

Read through your boss’s tweets or blogs

There are so many people who love sharing all their opinions through tweets or blogs. Is your boss one of them? Become a regular reader and you will have something to talk about to your boss at the next meeting. You do not have to really give him an opinion or suggest an idea, if he is not asking for it. But if you know what concerns him, you can always use it as an edge to remain ahead in the work game.

Understand behaviors

Have you really paid any attention to how your boss communicates and shares? Concentrate on this and you can gain valuable clues that can help you stay one step ahead.

While you should try the above, be sure to proceed with caution. Unless you are on very good terms with your boss, he might not like it if he found out what you were up to.


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