How to Spot a Bad Boss Before You Take the Job

bad bossDid you ever have a bad boss? They make work miserable because they’re overly critical and raises and promotions are out of the picture. The only option is to switch jobs, and do it as fast as you can. But what if your new boss turns out to be just as bad or even worse? We know people who have been through this, and had to suffer a setback in their career only because their bosses were not cooperative enough.

What if there was a way in which you could figure out if your future boss will be bad at the interview itself? Actually, there is. We talked to some industry experts and they shared the following telltale signs with us.

Office Environment

Observe the office environment closely and notice the vibe it is giving off. Do the people seem happy and focused or is there nervousness in the air? Maybe the staff is behaving negatively or disengaged from their work. The first of these indicates a happy boss, the second indicates a bad boss and the third indicates an ineffective one.

The Manner in Which You Are Treated

How are you treated at the company? The interviewer might not laugh with you, but they should still be friendly, cheerful and respect you. In case they are rude, criticize your skills, mock your qualifications or do anything inappropriate, take it as a warning sign. Even if you are offered a job, do not take it, because if the interviewer will be your boss, they will be nothing short of a nightmare.

Your Success

Be sure to ask your future boss if you will enjoy success and growth when you work for their company. If they cannot tell you what you can achieve in the first year or the way in which your performance will be measured, you are talking to a manager who is not sure of the direction they want the position to take.  Should you work with them, they will probably change your duties or have different expectations from you than the ones which they talk about during the interview.

The Questions

What is your interview about? What are you being asked? If these are things that have nothing to do with your skills or qualifications, the manager does not have much of an idea about what they want from you and probably cannot build a great team.


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