Introduce a Little Fun at Work

office funThe office can be a boring place if you don’t introduce a little fun factor into the work environment. The common belief is that adding fun with work will bring down productivity levels, but there’s actually no real evidence to support it. On the contrary, it makes sense that having fun in the workplace would actually bring more energy and thereby improve productivity.

Major corporations are now shifting towards this new paradigm, and are introducing foosball tables, scooters, X Boxes and PlayStations to give their employees a break from their hectic workload, and the signs have been encouraging. There have been fewer absentees, less sick leaves and enhanced productivity levels, this also suggests that having fun in the workplace is not a bad thing and provides major benefits to organizations today.

Here are some fun tips to introduce in your office to make your office a better place for you and your employees.

Give Them Longer Breaks and Extra-Time Off

The orthodox company managers and CEOs will scoff at the idea of giving their employees extra-time off, but if done correctly, it’s safe to expect increased job satisfaction, dedication and better results. Employees who are well rested and happy are more likely to enjoy, be more productive and creative in their work.

In contrast, the exhaustion and disappointment of tired or over-worked employees can spread like a wildfire. Giving your employees longer breaks may be the one thing that could ultimately guarantee a happier team of workers and provide you with quality results.

Organize Frequent Company Events

Company events have been around for many years. Most corporations do have routine yearly events. A useful tip to spike-up participation would be make the even planning a more interactive process. Having polls frequently on event timing, occasion and theme would ensure each event is a hit. People spend the majority of their day at work and building healthy relationships with their fellow employees will lead to a much happier, better collaborated and productive workforce in the office.

Let the Fresh Air Flow around the Office

It has been scientifically proven that fresh air can revitalize the body and mind. Offices which are open and have good ventilation will have fewer sick and tired employees. Open the windows and let some fresh air flow in, so that the employees can relax and be more creative, with the clean fresh air flowing through the office. A plant or two in personal workspaces can improve oxygen levels, while also soothing the eyes.

These office tips are guaranteed to work and improve the productivity of your organization if implemented in the right mix. Introduce a little fun in the workplace and see the magic for yourself. Get immediate boosts on productivity, without being called the bad guy.

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