Is the Job You Have Been Offered Worth It?

money questionCongratulations, you finally have a job offer on the table. We’re sure you must be thrilled, but don’t act too fast. Before agreeing to the terms and accepting the offer set your excitement aside and thoroughly evaluate if the job is worth it. As good as the offer may seem initially, unless you go through the contract properly and read all the agreements and terms, you cannot really decide if you should take it or not.

We talked to some of the topmost recruitment professionals in our office, and here are the aspects which they suggest you should consider when reviewing an offer.


We need not really tell you about this, but some things are still worth mentioning. You do have a salary range in mind, do you not? Is the offer that you have above it, below it or within the range? If the offer is less than what you want, try negotiating with your to-be employer. We know this attempt may not be successful, but until you try, you will never know if luck is on your side or not.

One more thing to note: whatever salary you are offered will be your salary for the next year, or even two in some instances. The point is you should be happy with it for now as well as the next two years.


Not too happy with your salary? Maybe if there are some great benefits offered, it will be a good enough compensation. Does your employer provide you healthcare or allow you to work from home? Maybe you can take extra days off for vacation or enjoy flexibility in your work. All of these sound good, right? They are and if this is the case, taking on such a job is recommended even if it means agreeing to a slightly lower salary than what you expected.

The Hidden Costs

With every job, there are some hidden costs involved, which you need to figure out beforehand. At some companies, you may have to dress up, which means your clothing expenses may go higher. Other offices may be located far from your home, and commuting might put a strain on your budget. Make sure the offer you have is not being marred by issues of these sort.

Good luck and we wish you all the best in your job search.


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