Job Candidates are Oozing Confidence…or is It Over Confidence?

business 60A new report has revealed that the gap between job candidates and hiring managers is becoming wider than ever before. The annual Job Preparedness Indicator or JPI highlights the differences that exist between an employer’s and employee’s opinions when it comes to the skills that are needed for that exceptional performance.

The report indicates that almost 72% of people are very sure that they are presenting their skills correctly in an interview. Another 56% people believe they know exactly what an employer looks for in candidates. Unfortunately, the hiring managers say otherwise. According to them, only 15% of the applicants have the skills which they want.

The job seekers seem so very confident of themselves, but the employers? They have a completely different perspective. Almost 74% of managers feel that all candidates should have a counselor or mentor who can give them advice on positions that actually match their skills and experience. But only 40% of the candidates have such a mentor so that number is very less.

The report also claimed that almost 67% of people now apply to jobs by themselves instead of taking help from professional services. Last year in 2012, this percentage was 58% so that is quiet an increase, but the managers do not like this in the least.

The talent acquisition manager of a renowned company stated that job seekers do not do themselves justice when they do not appoint a mentor. Guidance can be wealthy and set them on the right track, but they have yet to realize this.

If you are a job seeker, here is what you should know to get your dream job. Heed to the advice and you will succeed. Fail to act and the hiring manager is probably going to show you the door.

  • Market your skills in a positive light. Employers are not aware of your skills, so it is up to you how you present them.
  • Be proactive when it comes to job search. Instead of submitting online applications, use references to move your resume forward.
  • Write your cover letter in a new innovative way that grabs attention. Managers are bored of seeing the traditional format. Same goes for your resume.
  • Use social media to reach out to employers. Set up your profile and form a network.


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