Job Market May Have Improved but Is Still Not as Good as Should Be

sideways thumbAre you tired of looking for a job and have had no luck so far? Not surprising, if you consider the true market picture. Yes, all over the news, you will find that the job market has improved. That is true, but what is also true is the fact that the market is still not as good as should have been. Until that happens, searching for a job is still not going to be easy. Here are the main things that make the job market tough for applicants.

There are hundreds of candidates for just one opening

Did you just come across an opening? You can apply, but you should also know that so will hundreds of others. Whether they are better than you or not is for the employer to decide, but the huge number of applicants significantly reduces your chances without a doubt. And if you look at the past stats, you will be astonished. Back in the year 2009, this number was six on an average, and today is way over 100.

Employers have become choosy

With the rise in the number of applicants, employers still have plenty of choices about whom they should hire and who can be left out of the recruitment process. As such, they want nearly perfect applicants to fill the positions, and surprisingly, they do find these.

Changing fields is still not easy

Are you tired of your industry and want to switch to another one? We do not recommend it because there are hardly any chances you will be successful. True, you may be absolutely perfect, but no employer is going to prefer you over other candidates who are also ideal and have enough experience in the same field.

Candidates apply for jobs even if they do not meet or over-meet the qualifications

Have you ever been desperate enough to apply for a job for which you did not qualify or overqualified simply because you did not have much choice? You might not be on this list, but there are many master and PhD graduates who apply for entry level positions when they actually should opt for an opening that is much higher up the ladder.

Employers are not so nice anymore

Gone are the days when you could get your employer to do something for you simply because you are so good at what you do. Now they have the upper hand, and you will so not get any advantages or favors.


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