Job Projections and Growth 2013

Current data reflects that there are more than 27 million – one out of every six – Americans who are either out of work or underemployed.  Those numbers are staggering, to say the least. However, new statistics are identifying six areas of the economy that could offer job growth for the future and give us an idea of the new economy for 2013.  Women will play a key role in this new economy.  Women are clearly advancing organizations and creating innovative career paths as they start new businesses.  Women will find that their promotions and growth will be more linear and not as lateral.  This means the possibilities of promotions will be more positive for women. In addition to this, women will emerge as more technologically savvy in the coming years.  Men no longer have a stronghold on that job sector. Women will increasingly lean on high-tech skills to start new businesses and manage home related issues.

The specific job sectors showing promises of growth are business services, education, healthcare, information technology, nonprofits, and manufacturing, with healthcare being the fastest growing sector in the country. There will be a need for a projected number of 80,000 senior managers over the next four to five years in the nonprofit sector.

Companies who are hiring are doing a lot more scrutiny when it comes to prospective employees. Instant fact-checking and counter-claims on social media are not just limited to political scandals and natural disasters. Lying on your resume can hamper your job prospects, but some studies indicate more than 40% of employment applications contain false credentials. Today’s workers must present themselves factually and appropriately online, and provide proper attribution for their work.

The competition for skilled workers provides an incentive to keep learning, on and off the job. Workers will pursue certifications, degrees, technical training, and leadership development to keep their skills current, and will look for internships, apprenticeships, and job rotations to gain hands-on experience.

Some are predicting that jobs that specialize in creating energy efficiency will also being a growing sector in the job market.

Green building policies have been adopted by 34 states and more than 450 local governments. Market-based policy incentives for the private sector are transforming the marketplace by making green design and construction the new norm.

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