Job Search Getting You Down?

job search getting you down?Searching for a job today is no easy task.  For many, it takes a long time and the process can be grueling. Not only are job candidates experiencing a job market during a recession, job boards post hundreds of resumes from all parts of the world. The job market is competitive and that is an understatement.  And because the job search takes longer with so many still out of work, inevitably more people are frustrated, even devastated, by it. Many employers use automated systems to minimize the resumes, which makes the process more impersonal and harder to penetrate.

As with any life process, there are suggestions and strategies to survive this difficult job environment. First of all, manage your emotions. Being negative and cynical never accomplished anything.  “The glass is half full” mentality needs to remain at the forefront. This has to be authentic.  Most interviewers can sense your true feelings.  Find a way to cope and stay peaceful. Actively manage your feelings so that you actually are happy, focused, and energetic. Admittedly this is not easy, especially for the millions of long-term unemployed.

If you are unemployed or underemployed, your most important job is to get a job. Be a good manager. Bad managers are never satisfied, setting impossible goals and then punishing people for not accomplishing them. Take this approach.  Set reasonable weekly goals for networking, researching, or applying for jobs. Reward yourself for accomplishing your goals or doing something difficult. Do not beat yourself up.  Do not treat yourself like a difficult manager would treat you. Surround yourself with supportive people and friends.

If the search is prolonged for an extraordinary amount of time, find a way to better yourself. Take a class or join a professional group. Get out and mingle, especially with those who can provide you with networking opportunities. Do something that will look good on your resume.

One of the most critical mistakes a job candidate can make is placing all of their eggs in one basket.  If you have interviewed on several levels with a company, do not discontinue your job search.  The process can be lengthy and also can sometimes have disappointing results. Perspective job candidates are more confident if they know they know there are alternative options in the working. If you keep initiating new search activity until you get an actual offer, you will not be as disappointed if you are turned down because there are other options.

Maintain a schedule for following up on interviews and researching job opportunities. Work out and keep yourself mentally fit. Those who set goals generally have more successful outcomes. It is imperative to maintain a positive outlook.  There is no doubt that positive attitudes generate positive results.  Set goals, stay fit, and regulate.

Source: Claman, Priscilla. “Don’t Let Your Job Search Depress You.” Harvard Business Review, Web. 26 Mar. 2013.

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