Jumping on the Hiring Manager’s Desk and Other Quirky Job Interview Tactics

Talk about quirky ways to get your resume in front of the right people! In today’s tough hiring market, job seekers are finding more and more interesting ways to get their resume in front of the right people!

Surveys performed by The Creative Group staffing service in Menlo Park and CareerBuilder called upon executives to provide the most far-out and/or innovative maneuvers they had witnessed from potential job candidates.  Here are a few quirky job interview tactics:

Handcuffing themselves to the desk during an interview

Presenting a softball resume (The resume was written on the softball)

Billboard rental outside the hiring company’s window (A list of the applicant’s qualifications were on the billboard)

Jumping up on the hiring manager’s desk (A little Tom Cruise behavior)

Including lottery tickets with their resume

A T-shirt mailed along with a resume with the names of all the company employees on it – including the job applicant

Homemade cookies with reasons why they should hire her written in icing

Flowers for everyone in the company (Can be a bad tactic if the hiring manager is allergic)

Fortune cookie with the applicant’s name and phone number inside

Will work for free on a trial basis (This received attention)

Chain letter requesting recipients to send out their resume to at least 12 companies

Doughnuts – every day until the job seeker was hired

Sending a shoe with a resume to “get their foot in the door”

Staging a sit-in in the lobby to get a meeting with a director

Washing cars in the parking lot

Sending a resume wrapped as a present stating their skills were a “gift to the company”

Handing out resumes at stoplights

Sending a cake designed as a business card with the job seekers picture

Going to the same barber as the Chairman of the Board and asking the barber to speak on his behalf

Handing out personalized coffee cups

Dressing in a bunny suit because it was near Easter

What are some off-the-wall tactics you have used to land a job?

Source: The Work Buzz and Entrepreneur

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