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If you are interested in pursuing a medical career, think about being a registered nurse, a physical therapist, or a chiropractor.  These are in extremely high demand and rank the highest as far as career advancement. Let’s be honest.  Salary is often a major consideration when choosing a career path. The average starting salaries for nurses, therapists, and chiropractors is among the highest with regards to starting salaries for those coming out of college.
In the medical industry, almost all jobs are expected to grow over the next 40 years because of the anticipated increase in aging baby boomers, who will require additional medical attention. Advances in technology will also play a role in job availability. As new, more effective treatments emerge for treating diseases such as cancer, medical professionals with special training will be needed to perform those treatments. Radiation therapists, for example, use machines called linear accelerators which combine CT scanning and x-ray technology to search for cancer cells in real time. Once identified, the cells can be shrunk or removed.
Certain medical careers have more opportunities for advancement than others. Career paths that have multiple levels of certification or opportunities to specialize within different niches give more value to your initial education. Some of the positions we reviewed require only an associate’s degree for an entry-level position, where others require a bachelor’s or a master’s degree, in addition to certification or licensure.

Flexible schedules provide yet another incentive for a career path in the medical field. Part time jobs are abundant and the availability of a swing shirt frees up your schedule for much needed family time. Entry-level employees are more likely to work odd hours such as weekends and holidays, where more experienced staffers often work days or have the option to work another time slot.

In some medical jobs you will work in teams, and in others you will work solo most of the time. Others will provide a mix of the two. In some jobs you will have interaction with patients, where in others you will only interact with fellow staff.

Physical therapy and nursing are two of the most popular health professions, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these two fields account for almost 3 million jobs. These two areas are very different, but nurses and physical therapists interact closely on a routine basis. This interaction ensures that the patient physically recovers as much as the patient’s condition allows, and that the patient goes through this recovery efficiently and safely.

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