Branding is the art of creating a last impression on clients.  Branding can be effective for those who are currently employed but equally important to those trying to find a job. Branding gives you control over the initial perception you have on perspective employers or clients.  Effective branding helps to control the outcome of interviews or marketing strategies. You can influence a targeted audience with a creative branding.  In simple terms, you can target the perspective employer and the industries that match your skill set.


Most perspective managers or human resource managers do not know who you really are.  They have no idea what you do or what your skill levels are in the working world.  Your skills need to be defined in your branding.  Branding yourself is not entirely about who you are as an individual, but mostly about what kinds of services you can offer.  Perspective employers seek to discover what sets you apart from the other candidates.  An effective brand can bet vital to this perception in an interview.

Having an asset that is unique and commands respect is a good investment for a company.  A new hire has a price tag.  A company or corporation who is hiring you wants to get the biggest “bang for their buck”. Be branding yourself, you become the asset and the product. You ARE your own unique product and no one should be able to take that away from you.  Structuring yourself to become the asset will add value to not only your business, but also your skills and experience.  You become irreplaceable and that means job security. You will be recognized for who you are and most importantly, what you do.


Make yourself memorable.  When a television commercial is repeated over and over it is being done to make the product memorable.  Same concept is utilized when it comes to branding yourself.  If you successfully reach out and influence those who can be instrumental in your placement into a career, your brand pops up in their minds when the selection process is determined. Make your brand simple but compelling.


Stand above the rest.  Creating a brand that stands out requires you to develop an image that is consistent. The image you choose should be straightforward and convey what you have to offer as far as services and skills.  What can you bring to the table?


A brand that is easy to remember is easier to find.  Think about Apple.  It has a strong band that has attracted, obviously, numerous customers by breaking standards and reaching higher levels of innovation.  You should apply these same principles and offer unique skills.


Generate brand awareness through networking.  You should be connecting with other professionals using social networks and commenting on their blogs. You need to nurture relationships with people in your audience.


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