More Pay and Less Stress

business5Many employees around the country have found that the most enviable gigs are typically knowledge-based and require highly specialized training and education. Being smart at something really helps you feel happy.  The more preparation you put into a career, the more you can define your career, such as being able to set your schedule and your tasks. A promising career that provides a lucrative income and an abundance of happiness has been known to provide plenty of incentive to obtain more education and more training.  What types of jobs afford you flexibility, low stress, and plenty of money?

Optometrists make a median annual salary $96,000. Good attention to detail and a strong background in the sciences help optometrists diagnose vision problems, prescribe vision-correcting eyewear and help manage eye diseases like glaucoma. In addition to earning a bachelor’s degree and doctorate, optometrists must pass state and national exams. After all that, apparently, they are pretty happy. Job prospects are excellent, with 24 percent job growth expected through 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Economists earn a median annual salary of $85,000. Economists pay attention to the distribution of goods and resources. They may focus on money, natural resources or other valuables, and often work to predict future outcomes. Those with a PhD fare best in what can be a very competitive job market. You have to be willing to produce plenty of reports and analyses based on hours of number crunching. The government employs the majority of economists.

Aeronautical engineers earn a median annual salary of around $82,000. Those in the industry find plenty of inspiration working on the wonders of flight every day. From lowering aircraft weight and fuel needs to improving safety, aeronautical engineers spend a lot of time rethinking and improving how we travel through the air. Aeronautical engineers typically have a bachelor’s degree to start, but many earn master’s degrees and pass both licensing and professional advancement exams.

User experience designers can earn up to $80,000. User designers optimize any experience where humans interact with objects, such as board games, ATMs and cars. For example, in a world where nearly anyone can create a Web site in hours, leading companies often hire UX designers to make their site more attractive and easy to use. UX designers come from a variety of disciplines, including psychology, industrial design and anthropology.

Low stress, high pay, and autonomy play pivotal key roles in employee satisfaction.  Many prospective home buyers begin pursuing additional education and training directly after college.  It goes without saying that being paid to play can make life abundantly easier.  But the next best thing would be a high paying career with limited stress.

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