My Dream Job Has Become a Nightmare – Now What?

Do you still recall the day you told your family and friends that you landed your dream job? It ThinkstockPhotos-468168493was everything you wanted in a job and more. You woke up smiling, you got to work with a smile on your face and left the office with that same ear-to-ear grin. But today you’re having a hard time finding that smile. You hate going to work, instead of dreaming about how great your job is you have nightmares about how horrible it is, and the stress level is so high even your blood pressure medicine can’t handle it.

Does this sound like you? If your dream job has become a nightmare, according to Liz Ryan, you probably now care about the culture of the organization and the leadership behind it. And if that’s the case, she said you have, “new battle scars. They are painful to acquire, I know, but they equip you for the next challenge.” And if you want to turn your nightmare back into a dream, contact one of our recruiters to help make that happen.