New Changes in Workplace Manners

manners etiquetteHow conscious are you of your manners when at the workplace? According to a recent report, a lot has changed in the past few years. Etiquettes which were not appropriate some time back might be acceptable now. Technologies have changed and the environment has become more casual. So what are these new changes in workplace manners? Let’s take a look at the main ones.

Social Media and Smartphones

These are the two primary etiquette changes of this era. They have definitely changed the way people communicate at work and made things simpler than ever. In many instances, texting your boss and colleagues is acceptable and no one is going to mind it. Not going to work? A simple text or email is all that is needed rather than doing this over the phone.

Though you can use social media, emails and text messages to communicate, the language still has to be formal. Slang or informal language does not do well in the business world. So while you make things easy for yourself by using these technologies, make sure you do not lose that professional touch.

And one more thing to take note of: be extremely careful as you type because wrong spellings reflect negatively on you and may even make things awkward for you.

As for social media, post whatever you like and upload whichever picture you want, but just keep in mind that even your boss will see it. Social media just does not let you keep any secrets anymore!

Hugs and Kisses

There was a time when hugs and kisses were not accepted in a formal environment, but they have now become a norm. The first meeting is limited to a handshake and at the second meeting, no one minds giving each other a hug or a kiss on the cheek.  But this does not apply to every field so watch for cues from other coworkers if you’re new on the job.

Work from Home

Work from home is now accepted by many employers in several industries. As long as a computer and internet are the only tools you use at work, you can do the same from home as well and your employer will not have any issues with this. But if you fail to complete what was assigned to you, that can be problematic. Why does this happen? It’s because your home is filled with so many distractions but you should not let them affect your work.


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