Newly Minted MBA? It’s the Best Job Market in Years

In the past few years, graduates have had a tough time looking for a job right out of school. Of 177283024course the downfall of the economy was strictly to blame for this unfortunate outcome. The good news is, this is no longer the case! Many business schools would agree with Andrew Eder, “In a positive sign for its newly minted graduates, job postings so far in 2015 are up 36% from the year before.”

Because of the boost in “consumer confidence,” companies are now more comfortable with filling the headcount that remained open after the economic downturn. Now business students can be more hopeful about their future career paths and their earning potential. “Demand is strong for newly minted MBAs. Nine in 10 companies that intend to hire MBA candidates said they will bring on as many, or even more people in 2015, than they did the year before,” highlights Eder.