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pinterestIf you are like multitudes of Americans these days, you love killing time perusing Pinterest.  What some people do not know is that Pinterest has actually come onto the scene as an excellent way to discover opportunities in the job market.  Even though Pinterest is somewhat new to the social media scene beginning in 2010, it has since grown to be a significant part of the landscape, with over a 100 million visits a month. It now ranks third as the most popular social media site, according to Experian’s 2012 Digital Marketer Report.

The idea behind Pinterest was to give a platform for those interested in sharing topics and tips with members, much like pinning photos on a bulletin board. It is designed for those who want to express themselves by sharing their collections of interests with others. Pinterest continues to evolve over time and as its popularity grows, so does the way in which online boards are used to express personal and business brands.

Social media is evolving daily and its popularity has grown exponentially.  It’s no surprise that part of a successful job search is built upon networking, the exchange of information and ideas that uncovers hidden jobs and connects you with those who share common interests. The unique platform that Pinterest offers is one reason to consider using it in your job search — to expand your personal marketing brand, share pins with members and identify employers of interest.

One thing that is beneficial to those shopping for jobs is to distinguish yourself from the other candidates. One suggestion is to create a career digital portfolio.  A visual display of your skills and knowledge supports your career goals and demonstrates another dimension to the hiring managers. Pinning your portfolio, resume or value statements allows you to connect with members in a professional way combined with a personal touch.

Employers look for candidates who will represent them in the marketplace and using good judgment is part of the selection process. The same rule of thumb that holds true to other social media platforms fits into Pinterest as well. Even though you are free to create, be mindful in projecting a professional image. Use good taste when pinning topics of interest or expressing philosophical statements. Your board can send both a verbal and non-verbal message to a potential employer.

Looking the part by dressing professionally is part of your job search as well and fashion boards on Pinterest can offer you ideas regarding work attire. The images and content shared can help you update your professional appearance.

Conducting research on companies and studying new trends gives you a glimpse into work cultures and helps you develop connection points to use when networking. Using Pinterest as part of your research offers a different view of the employer outside of their corporate website. If you are thinking about a new career field, collecting pins from a variety of sources provides you with a diverse view of what it’s like to work in a specific industry.

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