Professional Recruiters versus Job Boards

In today’s difficult job market many job seekers struggle with the best strategy for an effective and successful job search. Do you post your resume on a job board or do you choose the professional recruiting route? Statistics and data support conclusively the fact that most successful jobs, jobs that match your qualifications, are obtained using the trained knowledge and skills of professional recruiters.


Most companies and firms prefer to “cut to the chase” so to speak. Recruiters simplify the job for human resources by weeding out the weaker candidates and personifying the stronger candidates. Recruiters have established relationships with the companies and firms and will target the skills creating the best matches for job seeker and employer.


Professional recruiters safeguard your privacy. Job boards create havoc for job seekers who are currently employed. In today’s job market, maintaining your current employment status is imperative as you search for alternative, possibly more lucrative, and suitable positions for your education and personality. Job boards are “fair game”. Sadly, unethical staffing agencies submit resumes to companies and firms making it hard for prospective candidates to manage their job search professionally.


Professional recruiters provide resume assistance and interviewing tips. They understand hiring practices of prospective employers, providing essential wisdom for prospective employees. Job boards fail to provide the personal attributes of interviewing specifics. Professional recruiters prepare job candidates by providing them with inside tips and recommendations.

Find out how businesses are getting more creative to entice top talents. Professional recruiters strive to provide the most creative and persuasive conduits to these positions.

What do you think your degree is worth professionally? What does Harvard have to say about the value of your training and level of education?

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