Quarter 4 Hiring Updates

updateFinding a new job is not a difficult task if you are aware of the latest stats and updates in the industry. This would help you in analyzing just exactly where the jobs are, and you can target your job search in those very sectors instead of wasting time elsewhere. So here is a look at what the end of 2013 has in store for  job seekers.

The hiring rates were higher this year, and you can expect the same steadiness in the last quarter. A CEO of a prestigious career firm stated that employers are busy in creating more jobs in the market. As the New Year comes to an end, opportunities are going to be aplenty as companies focus on bettering their prospects for 2014.

In light of the above, you would find the situation to be pretty good. The next prediction is going to make it even better. The industry experts believe that there are quite a few industries that are going to experience an increased hiring rate when compared to the national average. As of now, the highest hiring rates are 36%, 32% and 30% for the information technology, financial services and manufacturing sector. But this quarter, you can expect them to be higher in larger numbers than they generally have been.

Along with these industries, the healthcare sector will probably be higher than the national average rate. But this cannot be said with absolute certainty because the Affordable Care Act has been enforced. As such, there is a good chance that the hiring percentage is also going to rise because more healthcare workers are being required. All the remaining sectors will either be at the national average rate or at a value below it.

In terms of downsizing, there is a chance that 9% of companies are going to do it in this quarter, whereas 5% are not so sure about it. All other companies are probably not going to terminate any of their current employers.

Coming to part time jobs; they have become quite common in recent times. In the last quarter of 2013, there are 32% of companies that are going to offer contract or temporary positions. Last year, the percentage was very similar to this value. The good thing is that by the New Year, some of these jobs can be converted into permanent positions if an above par performance is put forward.

All the percentages stated can increase by region, but overall, they are going to be pretty much same.

Source: www.aol.com

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