Real Estate Careers Becoming Popular

realestateagentThe real estate market is enjoying an upsurge; it is all over the news. So is a career in this field a great choice?  Let us start with narrating a story of a 29 year old individual who had a Master’s degree in Arts. This individual decided to switch careers and signed up for a two week real estate program. He got admission by passing a personality test and an interview. When this individual succeeds in passing the license exam, he can easily get a job at the company that offered the course. The individual said that the course was also not that difficult and he has high hopes that he will get a license and a job.

There are stories of so many individuals who are signing up for similar courses and preparing for their exams. Even though this doesn’t sound that tough, the reality is that once you get your license, the road gets difficult and establishing yourself in the industry is definitely not a cup of tea. And if you are eying those properties worth millions, well you have to be more than just good at your job.

According to a survey, only 2% of real estate agents have earnings higher than $250,000 annually. The median yearly income was recorded at $43,500 in the year 2012 and in 2011, this value was $34,900. As for 2013, the average commission was around 5.2% of the sale price.

A real estate broker who is a professor as well told us that you can make good money in the real estate industry only if you know the business well. There are so many individuals who think that becoming an agent means fun and driving fancy cars, but that is a rarity.

In the past year, home sales have rebounded which is why this interest in real estate careers has developed.  We talked to a real estate broker and he told that us that the key to success is to make your clients feel very special and that you value them. He also emphasized on networking with other professionals so that you could connect sellers and buyers together. Other than this, you also have to invest and develop stunning brochures and photos for promoting these high dollar houses.

Whatever the troubles that lie ahead, as of right now, many people have already signed up for these courses and institutes have recorded their largest ever student enrollments.


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