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Recruitment technology is pervasive.  Those who are currently on a mission to find a job have become aware of the new and upcoming trends in recruitment technology.  If you are behind the times, it is time to step up and educate yourself.

Mobility will transform the HR process. HR processes, including performance management, training, hiring/recruitment, and assessments are all moving away from desktops and laptops and are essential needs for organizations to have accessible on their tablets, phones and devices. There is also a push for more employee engagement through workforce social channels that allow for informal mentor/mentee relationships, provide an opportunity for formal and informal feedback.

Driving the recruiting activity to the screen of choice and making it interactive is critical to recruitment technology success. The companies are posting better and more effective designs for job postings. They are beginning to pull away from the stable desktop systems and start to interact frequently with tablets and smart phones. Currently, the candidate application process is under construction.  Once this is accomplished, it will be the most notable change.

An interesting statistic recently was released that we now have more connected devices in the U.S., than we have people. That may be a frightening statistic when you contemplate the gravity of it. Every connection point is an opportunity for recruitment. Access is no longer the problem – the problem is now going to be solved with experience. A recent stat showed 91 percent of Americans have their mobile phone within reach for the entire day. Mobile optimized career pages will result in more great talent in 2013, especially passive candidates without the time to go through long applications. Candidates can even video interview from their phones, making 2013 the year when the hiring process goes mobile. Technology making mobile recruiting faster and easier will certainly be in high demand.

Statistically speaking, more than half of the job seekers of today are using mobile job search apps and that number is expected to climb exponentially in the coming year. The number of recruiting focused mobile phone apps and the ability to apply directly for jobs through mobile apps will thrive as major employers use competitive analysis and forward metrics to significantly influence traditional HR recruiting models.

Most of the 10 million Millennials entering the job market during the next three years will expect a far better candidate experience than those who graduated even five years ago. This more-demanding “customer” of human resources dictates that HR technology be upgraded to initiate timely candidate interaction and utilize social media as a communication tool. Essentially, rather than the cold shoulder being given candidates now, evolving HR tools will deliver a digital handshake and a virtual smile.

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