Should You Quit your Job?

stay or goHow long have you been employed where you are? Two years, five years or maybe even ten? Do you like it there? Are there enough growth opportunities or is it time to move on? If you cannot decide whether you should quit your job or not, maybe we can help you with it. After all, if you have not been performing the way you should or are just tired of your every day duties, you should probably look around for other opportunities.

We interviewed a couple of experts and we asked them when a person should quit their job. Here are the most important signs which we learned from them.

You have lost interest

How do you feel at work? Does it make you unhappy? A manager told us that if a person is not happy at work, he does not give his best and eventually their health is even affected. If this sounds like you, start browsing job posting sites and apply elsewhere. The sooner you leave, the better it will be for you and for your career as well.

Among the managers that we interviewed, most of them stated that poor performance leads to termination. And if you are not happy where you are, you definitely are not putting in your most.

Always thinking of personal relationships

How are you fairing in personal relationships whether good or bad? If they are all you are focusing on right now, you can say goodbye to your current job. It will probably not be long before your boss notices the slack in your performance and brings you in for the “talk.”

Maybe you could take a few days off until things get better. Try to get a grip on the situation and put your personal life back in order.  Whether you stay with your current job or start new elsewhere, you will not be able to put up an impressive performance, and that will just add more to your misery.

Your job is not relevant to your personal goals

You have career goals, do you not? If your current job can help you in achieving them, you should stay, but if you are beginning to feel stagnant in your growth and your work life is distancing you from your goals, you could either talk to your boss about it or start looking for new opportunities.


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