Signs Your Interviewer Is Not Into You

bored intervewIt’s not uncommon to hear people talk about the horrifying encounters they have had with job interviewers. Where people are hired on the basis that they give off a “relaxed, strong, mature, ambitious, and pleasant” vibe, what is it that the rest of them do to not land the job they are being interviewed for? It might have something to do with how you related to each other.

Before you go complaining about how you have been treated unfairly, consider what mistakes you might have made in there or on the phone or via a video call. Did you bomb your first impressions by ignoring excellent hygiene, grooming, and business attire? Were you ranting about your previous employers? Had you, by any chance, failed to take note of any impacts your answers may have on the interviewer? What if you had gone overboard in attempting to be calm and collected? Maybe you did not show much creativity along with credentials. Or before parting in an awkward manner, you were able to throw in some canned cheesy answers to classic questions like “stating your greatest weakness.”

Whether your mistakes were those of body language or verbal, you can spot how the interviewer is relating to you with these tips: For one, your interviewer seems distracted. They don’t smile, they keep staring at their watch or looking around; they look disappointed, answer phone calls, or are too laid back. Some candidates try to believe that such tactics have been used to filter them out by unnerving them. However, a non-interactive session can be a clear indication that they are simply not interested!

Second, your job interview would not last the scheduled time. The interviewer would already be pausing frequently to think what to ask you next. They would not be including detailed questions, only asking silly questions or repeating the previous ones. While some interviewers do not bother, others enjoy setting a difficult interrogation as well as cutting short your point to prove their individual judgments.

Here are a few other signs they’re just not into you: The interviewer reads the resume for the first time at your interview and keeps forgetting what you have said to them. They continue to come up with reasons why you would not fare well within the position, giving you career advice and that they need to consider the long line of other candidates also. They will emphasize those areas where you don’t have the skills. Your mentioning of other job offers would not make them any less indifferent.

At the end, there would not be friendly handshakes. For them, a cold one without eye contact would be extending courtesy only. And, there will be no mentioning of the next interview stage.


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