Six Leadership Lessons From Powerful Women Leaders

Izabela Lundberg recently spoke at the 16th Annual International Leaderships Association (ILA) 158997858Global Conference in San Diego. Conferences are a great way to network, exchange ideas and further educate yourself. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to attend conferences for various reasons. But articles like this one help highlight the conference by sharing valuable information which was shared throughout the events.

Lundberg takes the liberty to share what she learned from some of the most influential leaders in the world:

  • Be Courageous

‘We all know business financial performance improves when more women are in senior levels of management and leadership.’ ~ Beth Brook

  • Be Determined

‘What does it take to be a champion? Desire, dedication, determination, concentration and the will to win.’ ~ Patty Berg

  • Be Disciplined

‘Without discipline, there’s no life at all.’ ~ Katharine Hepburn

  • Be Resilient

“I have willpower and determination. I am very resilient, like rock.” ~ Carnie Wilson

  • Be Responsible

‘One’s philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is expressed in the choices one makes… and the choices we make are ultimately our responsibility.’ ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

  • Be Supportive – HELP

‘Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.’ ~ Helen Keller

What is the best tip you’ve learned while attending a conference?