Skills and Experience More Valuable than Your Degree

experienceAre you among the many applying for jobs these days? What do you think are your strongest assets? Is it your degree from one of the best colleges in the country or is it your experience? Want our advice? Employers focus more on your skills and experience rather than the institute from which you graduated.

We know so many people who have adorned their resumes with high qualification levels. They hand them out everywhere and have to face rejection again and again. Yes, there was a time when employers paid attention to the college you attended, but those days are long gone.

In today’s era, there are limited jobs and high competition levels. For all the great qualifications you have, until you have experience to serve as evidence of your skills, there will be very few employers who will want to invest in you. A couple of years ago, so many employers would have wanted you for your degree, but that is not so today.

We talked to a couple of hiring managers. They told us that when they screen candidates, they do it against a checklist which contains items like degree, work history, extracurricular activities and social skills. Using all this, they evaluate if you will be capable of completing the tasks assigned, represent your employer in a positive light and provide them with a value that is at least worth your salary. Your degree does show you are educated, but you really need to convince the employers you have practical skills as well.

If you have held a job for at least a year, you will probably have some sort of experience. Put it on your resume and make sure you highlight all the improvements you made when you held a particular position.

Now what about those of you who have just graduated? How do you secure your place in the market? The simplest way to do this is to apply for entry level positions, which require little to no experience at all. These are fewer in number, but you will still come across them.  You should also try to gain some experience in your field of study. You may not find a job, but you can participate in an internship program. Try your luck with freelancing as well, and put these experiences on your resume.


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