Skype Interview Hints and Tips

Video interviewing has become very common across the globe. Some companies turn to ThinkstockPhotos-475964810Skype, Google+ or even HireVue to connect with future employees. Since video interview calls are a mix between face-to-face interviews and telephone interviews, many people are unclear of the correct protocols for these types of interviews. Some things are obvious like always make sure you create a professional impression and make sure you do not have your child sitting on your lap during your interview. Sarah Socha shares some additional tips that are helpful with Skype interviews and other similar platforms:

Don’t get too comfortable – dress to impress

Move the washing out of shot – be aware of your background, move out your washed clothes hanging in the background and make sure all lights are behind the camera

Cut out the background noises – find a quiet spot with no interruptions

Remember the camera – Be conscious of where you are looking, if you are watching the interviewer’s image you will not be making eye contact.

Check everything works – If the equipment or software is new to you carry out a dummy run with your recruitment consultant beforehand to make sure nothing is likely to go wrong come interview time.