Stepping into the Job World for the First Time? Avoid these Blunders

avoidSo you are searching for a job for the first time ever. Want to be successful? You can be if you avoid common mistakes which first time job seekers often make. We talked to some of the industry experts and here is what they suggested.

 You skip getting information and reach out to a contact without finding out the details

So you have someone on the inside for you to get in touch with about a potential job. This is good, but before you do so, it will be better if you get more information about them.  Plus, when you are requesting a meeting, explain to them the reason behind it. That way they will be more willing to help you out.

Before you call this inside person, ask your contact how well and how long they have known the person, and accordingly proceed.

You don’t talk to third party agencies or recruiters

Wrong move. You might not know any recruiters, but they can help you land a job, and a very good one by the way. They might charge a fee but that fee is nothing compared to the money you will eventually earn. It’s actually worth it, especially when you consider that there are some positions which only recruiters can help you find.

You are not on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the preferred social network of employers and job seekers.  In fact, it is the best way to strike a conversation with your to-be employer.  We know so many people who stay away from LinkedIn because of privacy issues.  Go through the settings and change them to what you are comfortable with, but just because you have privacy issues is no reason to miss out on such a great network.

You do not go to an interview because it’s too far

Leave commuting out of the scenario if you are on a job search. There are already so many obstacles and you should really not bring distance into the mix. The job may be far away but if it’s paying you good money, you should consider it. And by the way, there are so many companies that also allow employees to work from home a few days of the week.

Were you making any of the mistakes which we have highlighted above? Quit now, and re-start your job search.


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