The 4 Traits Candidates Want Their Employers to Have

There is something to be said for honesty. In a survey of 12,000 American adults, Randstad shutterstock_166845002has found that 78 percent look for honesty in employers. Jim Link is the Chief HR Officer for Randstad North America, an employment services provider. He explains that leaders can use the survey information to fine tune their employer branding strategy if needed.

“Any competitive edge that facilitates the acquisition of top talent directly impacts the bottom line,” Link said. “Employers can create these advantages not only by promoting softer brand attributes such as honesty and reliability, but also by moving the dial on the daily nuts-and-bolts issues impacting workers, such as maintaining a pleasant work environment and offering a true culture that balances work and life commitments.” Reliability and security are attributes that candidates also look for in employers. The fourth trait is how well-respected the company is in the marketplace.

What does your company culture consist of?