The Best Things I Learned From My Toughest Boss

Everyone has that one boss they worked with who was difficult to work with and challenging 460742205to get along with, but you still dealt with him because he was your boss. Sometimes we reflect back at that position only to have nightmares of the deadlines we had and the grueling projects we worked on. However, there are times when we realize how much we learned from that job and some tips that boss taught us.

Dustin McKissen talks about the job he had while going to school at night and raising his family and what he learned from his boss who was born in the same year as his dad! He described his boss as being a driven entrepreneur with immense knowledge and someone who built their company off of their credit card and personal sacrifice. McKissen said he learned a lot from his boss and respects him even more year after year. Here are a few of things he took away from his relationship with his boss:

  1. Any other alternative use of a dollar is competition.
  2. Care about what you do.
  3. Expect other people to care about what they do.
  4. Own who you are.

What has your former boss taught you?