The Billion Dollar Staffing Mistake

Jeff Altman affirms that businesses make billion dollar mistakes when it comes to hiring. He 200275642-001indicates this occurs because a hiring manager will say they want one specific type of person, but then hire someone based on their skills. For instance, an organization looking to hire a “team player” are usually looking for someone who can “execute a series of tasks” rather than someone who will challenge what is given to them.

He goes on to imply that if you are happy with the results you are getting, then keep letting your hiring managers hire individuals that “will not help your firm beyond executing a task.” Jeff asks if your company would have hired Steve Jobs or Bill Gates or even Jay-Z and the truth is probably not. Why? Because several of these likeminded individuals to do not have college degrees and you would probably never embrace their capabilities when they were first hungry to make change happen.

Hire competent candidates from Kaye/Bassman who will bring results to your organization’s bottom line and aren’t just people who are cookie cutter fits. Jeff ends his article with, “So before you hire your next executive, your next controller, your next sales person, stop and ask yourself: How can we bring some fire into our ranks and shake things up? How can we reward our hiring managers for risk taking when they evaluate new performers? What can we do to bring some life into our company again?” If you’re ready to take that risk, contact us today!