The Final Step in Launching a Post MBA Career

Accepting a job offer is the final step in launching a post MBA career, according to an article in Bloomberg Business Week.  Job hunters should determine if an opportunity is worth it before signing a contract.  Things like brand, culture, salary, benefits, job title and responsibilities should all play into making a decision.

The article poses the question: What if the job offer leaves something to be desired?

Negotiating is the next step!

Here are excerpts from the steps the article provides to help make negotiations more beneficial to you – the job seeker:

Uncover the norms

Some of the companies that typically hire MBAs refuse to negotiate and asking to do so would be both fruitless and embarrassing. If you are not sure of the company’s stance on negotiations, ask around.

Determine your priorities

What is important to one potential employee is not as important to another. Those who want to spend time with their family might value additional vacation time more than a bigger bonus.  Decide before negotiating.

Research comparable offers

Due diligence—finding out what the going rate is for the role, industry, and company—is the obvious next step. No one wants to ask a potential employer for too little or too much. After all, no one wants to ask for something completely outlandish.

Evaluate your value

Those who go into the same industry and bring with them work experience and knowledge gained in an MBA program have more leverage in negotiations than someone who is changing careers.

Present your case

To initiate a negotiation, Damian Zikakis, director of career services at University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, suggests saying something like this: “I appreciate your offer, and I would like to discuss if there’s room for movement in some areas. Are you the right person to talk to?” Being cogent and convincing is a top concern.

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