The Four Types of Sales People

genybusinessAre you interested in a sales and marketing job or is that something you already do? If so, you are going to find this piece very interesting. In today’s markets, there are four main types of sales people that entrepreneurs look around for during hiring. Whenever you appear for an interview, the hiring manager tries to determine which type you are and if you are suitable, they offer you a position. So which type of sales personal are you? Maybe knowing the types that exist can help you in classifying yourself as one. This might help you in succeeding with your current job, or you can impress the next interviewer you come across.

The Hunter

A hunter is the preferred type of sales individual when a large and pricey ticket item has to be sold. This could be a new mega software package or an innovative product. In other words, these are all those situations when clients are needed right away. The hunter is perfect for this job because he would make significant efforts and invest a lot of time to close the deal. There is only one problem; a hunter is not a good choice if a company wants to establish a long term relationship with its clients.

The Farmer

The hunter may not be suitable for developing strong relationships, but the farmer is. A farmer is extremely good at this and would ensure that clients stick with him for a long term.  He makes sure of this by following up with leads continuously until they finally give in, and when they do, the farmer misses no opportunity to impress them with the offered products and services.

The Scout

A scout is hired when a company incepts their business in a new market or geographical location. Whenever a business is expanded the existing sales team can be utilized but this is usually not done. Why? Because the existing team does not have any knowledge of the new areas. However someone who already has had experience there is a much better choice and this person is the scout.

The Shepherd

The shepherd is probably the most precious of all sales people. His is already recognized in the industry and has a huge database of clients. As such, a shepherd is a great choice for those companies that are planning to bring new products onto the shelves.


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