These 5 Mistakes Will Blow Your Interview

mistake failure businessSo your job search has finally paid off, and after all your hard work, you have landed an interview. Before you appear in front of the recruiters, be thoroughly prepared. Research the company, dress appropriately, and walk in confidently. You are probably aware of many generalities but we have seen many candidates still end up making some big mistakes and blowing their chances. We are going to discuss the most common ones here.

Lacking confidence or having too much of it

You may be extremely prepared, but so are the interviewers; they will try their best to confuse you. Whatever questions they throw at you, hold onto your confidence and maintain eye contact. But make sure over-confidence is not oozing out of you or they will find you arrogant and indifferent.

Differing too much from the recruiter

As much as you want to be yourself, you should be the person the interviewer wants you to be, to a degree at least. Don’t let them think you are too different from the sort of candidates they want. There is no way you are going to get through if they feel that you are not the right fit.

Thinking what the entire interview is about

An interview is never about you. What the employers care about is the way in which you can help them solve problems and contribute to their organizational goals. While at it, instead of finding more about your salary and benefits, you should convince the interviewers that are you are the perfect candidate, capable for the job, having the ability to deliver an incredible performance.

Not acquiring information about the interviewer

Before you appear for the interview, try to find out who your interviewer will be and look them up on social media. You will be able to find a lot about them. Use this information to your advantage during the interview.

Not asking questions at the end

Skip this and the interviewer will likely think that you just aren’t interested enough. Think of good questions beforehand about the company, your duties and any other questions you can come up with.

So at your next interview, be sure to avoid these mistakes if you want to nail it.


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