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The dismal job market numbers continue to be a focus and concern for America in 2012.  Professional recruiters have been instrumental in connecting qualified candidates with quality companies.  Social media continues to be a key force in the placement of job candidates into the workplace.  It is worth noting, however, that there are key things that recruiters advise when it comes to using social media.

Use social media as a vehicle, not a substitute for personal interaction.  Do not make your communication one-sided or casual.  Do not buy into the latest and greatest.  While it might benefit certain candidates to join Pinterest and promote their qualifications through this medium, it is probably best to stick with the tried and true. Limit yourself to one or two sites and stay active. Keep your profile on any static links that might be applicable to your line of work.  Use the right keywords that will make it easier to be found.  Keep a Skype account.  It is impressive if you offer to conduct a digital interview or to even inquire if the company utilizes a video interviewing service. Be unafraid.  Reach out to employers directly via social websites.  Your presence is the best defense against any discrepancies.  Post industry content on the social sites.  Be informed and aware. Don’t believe everything you hear.  If it is identified as crazy, it most likely is crazy. Check out a company’s social profile.  Check their FAQs to answer questions that are relevant to your line of work or your job search.  Post your resume on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. Follow company pages and social channels that contain updates.  Stay on top of changes. For example, LinkedIn just launched “endorsements”.   Hold this thought:  Quality versus quantity.  Do not be complacent.  Take charge.  Be assertive and make things happen.

Find out how to best recruit on LinkedIn, an extremely popular social network for professionals. LinkedIn has quickly become vital to a recruiter’s daily process and an important source of candidate and client information. Find articles and tips on recruiting with LinkedIn, as well as product updates and other social networking resources.

Check out Google+. Find resources on social recruiting with Google’s new network. Get tips on building a Google+ connection network and how to find people with Google Plus.

This is a new age and social media is here to stay.  Find a way to utilize it and find the perfect job.

Source: 25 Social Media Tips from Recruiters.” Recruiting, Talent Management and HR News and Advice. Web. 18 Dec. 2012.

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