Tips for Giving a Presentation

presentaiton making givingOkay, so you have a presentation next week. Are you a little nervous? Do not worry; we can help you sail through it. It does not matter who your audience is going to be; our advice will help you whether you present in front of your boss, colleagues or clients. Follow them and everyone will not only be impressed, they are actually going to envy you for your incredible skills.

So what are the secret ingredients? We talked to the best sales professionals and managers out there. And here is what they advised.

Move around

A survey points out that people who move around when they present something have a far more compelling effect than those who do not. Walk about the room and all eyes will focus on you. Throughout the presentation, you can easily have their attention this way. Moreover, when you move, your audience is going to get the impression that you know what you are talking about and will realize that you are in control.

An industry professional provided further insight into this and stated that movement should be there, but should not be repetitive. If someone walks around in circles or clicks their pens, they are just giving their audience signs of anxiety.

Silence is a powerful tool

A moment of silence spaced out here and there in your presentation is a really powerful weapon. Initially, we were surprised to hear this but after we thought it over, we realized this was right. So while you are giving that presentation, pause in between thoughts for a drink or to let your audience think. It creates a dramatic effect and will make them want to hear more.

A sales professional told us that while pauses are great, they should not be long or your audience will get the feeling that you are not sure of what you are saying, have forgotten or just nervous. Make sure your pauses do not last for more than a few seconds.

Mistakes are acceptable

You are human and you are prone to errors. So if you make a mistake during the presentation, no problem.  But you should recover form it correctly. If you panic or forget what you are supposed to say next, that might make things messy. But as long as you regain control and deliver the rest of your presentation with confidence and zeal, the audience will probably forget you stumbled in between.


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