Tips for Interviewing with a Startup Company

start upAre you planning to work for a startup company? It might be a good idea for you if you enjoy a quick pace and want to gain some experience. But before you do this, there are some things you should know. We talked to the CEOs of some startup companies, and here is what they shared with us.

No standard interviews

Great, you finally have an interview with a rapidly growing startup company.  Preparation is going to be difficult because normally there are no interview standards with startups. At times, it is over the phone with an HR representative and at others, it is with the CEO himself. In some cases, you may even have to go with a series of interviews, all scheduled in the same day.

As for the questions, those can cover anything and you will have to think up of good answers right on the spot.  Startup companies have not been around long in the industry, so they do not have much experience with hiring.

Quick recruitment processes

Startups move rapidly and make decisions then and there. We know cases in which candidates were offered a job right after their first interview.  You do not have to accept it immediately, but do some research and be prepared. If the same happens to you, take some questions with you so that you can decide if the offer is worth accepting or not.

Auditions as a part of hiring

Some startups may ask you to give a demo of your skills before they offer you a job. They can delegate you a task and give you a deadline to complete. You may not want to help them for fee, but such a request is common, and you should take it seriously if you really want the job.

By the way, this applies to bigger companies as well and not just startups.

Long work hours

At bigger enterprises, you may be able get off at 5 PM sharp, but not with startups. You will have to put in some overtime, and in most instances, you will not be paid for it. Even if it is your day off, do not be surprised if you are handed over some work.


Working at a startup means being really flexible about everything. You can be assigned anything, and you will be expected to get it done whether it is your job or not.


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