Tips for Negotiating Your Salary

tips3A survey claims that only 36% of men and 26% of women opt for salary negotiation. As for the rest, they do not even bother to try it. 19% of these people find it unpleasant and 15% of them just do not have the necessary confidence.

Have you ever tried your hand at negotiating salaries? If you have never done it, we strongly advise that you try. Missing out on an opportunity to negotiate will not do your career any good, and it could take years to get to the level where you want to be.

We have come across a lot of people, who did try negotiation initially.  But when they returned dejected after the discussion, their confidence went down and they did not try it the next time.  Why did all these people fail? We find that the biggest mistake people make when negotiating their salaries is to give a fixed figure. You should always talk about a range, and if you do it just right, there is no way your request will not be granted.

We talked to a couple of hiring managers and took their advice. Here is what they suggested for all those people who failed at their first salary negotiation. Here is how you should proceed the next time.

Wait until the time is right

Re-negotiation on your salary is fair if you have been excelling at your job. However, before you do it again, wait until you add some more accomplishments to your portfolio. Most of the recruitment managers we talked to suggested that a period of about six months was enough for employees to re-negotiate.

State your accomplishments

During the time that you waited, you should contribute more to the bottom line of the company. Try improving your productivity, suggest a new idea and take it through to success, ask for more responsibilities and do anything else that will make your work more impressive. Once you have done this, present your case to the boss. Along with these new accomplishments, do not forget to highlight your past honors as well.

Love your work? Let them know

You may be passionate about your job, but does your manager know that? Show your passion and convince them that you will go that extra mile if required.

So heed our advice and you will succeed the next time you negotiate your salary.


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