Tips to Give Your Career a Boost Right from the Start

business rocket boost successDid you just graduate from college? Time to close one chapter in your life and open another one. Now begins your job search and a step into your professional life. Indeed, you may have worked before, but these positions would have either not been full-time or were just for a few weeks or months, very different from a full-time job.

So how you can you accelerate your job search and start your career at a good level? We talked to some of our recruitment professionals and here is what they advised in this regard.

Use social media to the utmost

Social media is everywhere and you have to cash in on this. Just as you are on these social platforms, so are employees and hiring managers. They are looking for you and you should also look for them.   Recruitment managers evaluate your online profiles and if you appear likable and professional, only then will you receive that interview call.

Though there are many social platforms which you can use, LinkedIn tops our list. Developed for this very purpose, you should use it to build connections and who knows someone might be able to refer you to your dream company.

And one more thing to note: social media means no secrets can be kept. So before you upload that wild photo of you or post that hilarious joke, ask yourself: would you want your future boss to see it?

Keep your eye on that dream job but gain experience now

Yes, keep your dream alive for working for that global brand; you can be a part of them, but it might not happen until later on in your career. Right now is the time to learn things and hone your skills, which is why starting off with a smaller company is not such a bad idea. At least, this is better than not having a job, right?

You will have more responsibilities to take care of, and if you do them well, there is a great chance your boss will notice you, and might even promote you or reward you some other way. Now when you apply to your dream company, this will count a lot.

Take a proactive approach, and you will get there

Instead of waiting for opportunities to open, try contacting hiring managers and influential people at some companies.  Get in touch with them, show your interest and you might just get an interview.


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