Top 4 Skills Recruiters Look For In a Project Manager

looking binocularsProject management is a highly competitive and sought-after career. The popularity of job management has resulted in increased competition between potential applicants. Recruiters are now looking for more than just the right experience and qualification. You have to stand out from the rest of the job seekers in order to get hired as a project manager. There are more qualities apart from the traditional ones of being a good communicator, team player and being organized, that the recruiters are now looking for in the right project manager.

Here are the top 4 skills that can get you immediately noticed by recruiters:

Ability to Listen

There are numerous job seekers who boast that they have great communication skills. They keep up a talking façade in front of the recruiters to convey their point. Unfortunately, the majority of people think that being a good communicator means that they should talk, talk and talk! They forget another crucial element of communication – listening. The listening ability is what makes the difference between a good manager and a great manager. A great and successful project manager must listen to the customers as well as the team members.

Ability to Handle Failure

Numerous candidates mention all the successful projects they have completed along with their team because of course a recruiter needs to know about your success. However, you will attain more interest from your interviewer if you mention how you managed disaster or failure. You might not want to think about your failures and disasters but this experience can assist you in demonstrating that you have the ability to learn from your mistakes. You can narrate what problems you faced and how you can manage them the next time.

Daring Enough to Take Risk

People believe that taking risks is merely the task of a sales manager while the project manager needs to be sensible and careful. The business world is changing and has become an extremely competitive place. Many companies are pushing themselves to become innovative and take risks. This means a project manager must have the ability to take risks in order to go with the current flow and trends of the business world. It is essential to be daring yet sensible to take calculated risks to ensure the success of a project.

Have A Creative Mind

Being creative can help you in coming up with great solutions for a problem. There are bound to be many difficulties and problems that a project manager has to face once a project has started. Many project managers can handle such crises, but to stand out from the crowd and be more effective, creativity is much needed.


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